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Beginner's Pilates Course

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Whether you're an absolute beginner or you want to revisit the fundamentals of Pilates, this self-paced course will teach you how to build core strength, improve your posture, develop greater flexibility, reduce aches and pains and discover a form of movement that connects your mind and body. As a Pilates teacher and Wellbeing coach I'm passionate about helping people build strength and resilience in both mind and body so that they can live an active and fulfilling life. And this course is a great way to start. The course is designed to be accessible for all levels of experience, with lots of detailed instructions so that you can gradually build your practice safely and enjoyably. Each day you'll get a session focusing on a different aspect of your body - from building strength to improving flexibility. Plus you'll get a BONUS Relax and Unwind restorative Pilates session too. COURSE CONTENTS INTRODUCTION: The Foundations of Pilates & How to Exercise Safely (15 mins) Day 1: Pilates for Core Strength (18 mins) Day 2: Pilates for a Strong Back (21 mins) Day 3: Pilates for Strong Hips & Glutes (23 mins) Day 4: Pilates for Everyday Life (22 mins) Day 5: Pilates for Flexibility (18 mins) BONUS: Pilates Relax & Unwind (18 mins) You have online access to the course for 28 days from your start date and the option to DOWNLOAD & KEEP all the videos so that you have LIFETIME access. By clicking to buy the product you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.




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