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Sarah Clough, The Movement For Longevity Coach


  • Are you tired of lower back pain and stiffness holding you back from the active life you love?


  • Have you spent countless hours and £s on specialist appointments with little to no relief?


  • Are you concerned that strenuous workouts will only cause more damage to your already aching back?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're not alone. Many women in their 40s and beyond face these exact challenges. But the good news is, you don't have to settle. You can reclaim your active, vibrant self, and I'm here to show you how.

I recently joined The Vitality Blueprint and when I visited my regular Osteopath I was thrilled when he said he could really feel the difference in my lower back. I couldn’t believe that the exercises I’d been doing had been so effective in such a short time! It’s been incredibly motivating... GINNY 
Sarah Clough, The Movement For Longevity Coach

Join me, The Movement For Longevity Coach, for 'The Vitality Blueprint' Masterclass as I share my revolutionary '3-Step Method' that has already transformed the lives of 100s of women just like you.


These are women who now wake up pain-free, excited to embrace their day - whether it's a tennis match, a walk with friends, or adventurous travel plans.

This is back pain relief for women over 40 at its best.


  • The Hidden Culprits: Uncover the little-known factors contributing to your lower back pain and how to combat them effectively.


  • The Power of Holistic Movement: Discover the right type of movement that nurtures, rather than strains your body, enabling you to stay active without the pain.


  • Longevity Lifesavers: Learn the strategies to build long-lasting strength and resilience in your whole body, not just your back, so you can enjoy an active life for years to come without worry of future flare-ups.


I've walked in your shoes.


After major abdominal surgery and a caesarean section at 40, followed by early menopause, I was in constant pain. But I found a way out. I transformed my pain into a driving force to discover a better approach to health and wellbeing. Now, I'm not only living my best life, but I've also helped numerous women achieve the same.


This Masterclass is NOT About Quick Fixes.


It's about transformative, sustainable solutions. It's about refusing to settle for anything less than a life brimming with energy, activity, and fulfilment.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Sarah Clough, The Movement For Longevity Coach


Don't let lower back pain dictate what you can or cannot do. Take the first empowering step towards reclaiming your active, vibrant life.

Secure Your Spot in 'The Vitality Blueprint' Masterclass Now!


Because your future self will thank you for not settling for less, but for striving for more—much more!


Let's do this, together!


See you on the inside,


Sarah...The Movement For Longevity Coach

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