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Genuine feedback from my clients means a lot to me and there is nothing that makes me more proud than to see them achieving so much with their lives. As a result of their commitment they are strong and healthy and able to live life fully.

I hope their words below will also encourage you to think about investing in your fitness and wellbeing and unleash a life of limitless possibilities.

Josie, Sarah Clough's Pilates client

"I have done Pilates with several teachers over the years and for me Sarah is absolutely the best. In fact she is amazing!!!


If there was an award I would put her forward for it!


Sarah is inspiring, encouraging and brilliant at helping me get the most out of the health benefits of Pilates. I had a session with my chiropractor after I'd done Pilates for a while - and she said she could clearly feel the increased strength in my back where previously it had been quite weak." 


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