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Sarah Clough, The Movement & Longevity Coach in her Pilates Studio


I don't want you to settle for the mundane and I don't want you to settle for less than you are worth. 


With me, it's about inspiring change, achieving dreams, and living life to the fullest, especially for women who know their worth.


My teaching uses the transformative power of Pilates combined with fascial release techniques to create a holistic movement experience. This unique fusion elevates the core principles of Pilates to achieve a balance in your body of strength, mobility and resilience. You won't just survive – you will thrive. 


Overcoming lower back pain, aches and stiff joints and nurturing healthy movement patterns are more than just steps towards wellness; they're gateways to a vibrant and limitless future. 


Just imagine the possibilities when pain no longer holds you back, when each day becomes a testament to your strength and vitality. 


Dive deep into this enriching journey with me, and let's redefine the narrative of ageing and longevity. Women deserve more than just getting by; they deserve a life bursting with passion, purpose, and endless potential. 

Let's not settle for the ordinary.
Let's aspire for the extraordinary!

Pilates Teacher Sarah Clough


Monthly Subscription - Rise & Shine With Movement

Happy Clients

Geraldine Collie, Sarah  Clough's client

"I love the frequency and flexibility of on line classes. I don't have to travel anywhere and as a real bonus I have made friends with others from the classes. There are no cliques in Sarah's classes! 


I feel much more confident about my deportment, body structure and overall body health and well being. I have also had proof of the pudding. When I broke my knee this year both the doctor and radiographer gave me very good feedback about my muscular and bone health. It was wonderful to hear especially after my osteoporosis diagnosis in my 50's. I am certain the complete recovery from my break is attributable to doing Sarah's classes and listening to her advice and support. Post break, Sarah eased me back into my regular classes... I could not have received that level of support from any alternative exercise regime."



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