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Healthy Living for Vibrant Longevity 



My signature 8 week course, Healthy Living for Vibrant Longevity, is a ‘once and for all’, tried and tested way to redefine your fitness, your health and your life. It goes beyond exercise and diet to build a fully rounded and sustainable lifestyle that is fulfilling and full of vibrant good health. And it does it in a way that works for YOU.


Includes: Daily presentations on the art and science of healthier living; carefully curated daily workouts, a library of short workouts, relaxations and meditations; healthy eating plan and recipes; personalised support, live Q&A sessions with guest experts from the fields of nutrition and wellbeing plus unlimited access to last you a lifetime.

Beginner's Pilates Course


Whether you are new to Pilates or wanting to refresh your practice, the Beginner’s Pilates Course is a great introduction to this life enhancing form of exercise. The videos take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of Pilates, giving you a solid foundation from which you can build your strength, increase your flexibility and improve your balance. The result is reduced aches and pains and increased energy. Plus you also get a BONUS Relax and Unwind session.


Self paced and with unlimited access.

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