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If you have Osteoporosis or risk factors, you should do more exercise, rather than less.

Today is World Osteoporosis Day and therefore a good opportunity to remind you that the range of classes we offer at Space Fitness & Wellbeing has been specifically chosen because they take into account the changing requirements of our bodies as we progress through life. We have extensive knowledge about what exercises can help you if you're living with Osteoporosis. The weights and barre classes are fabulous as well as HIIT and Pilates.

Osteoporosis and broken bones are more common in women than men. Our bones lose strength at a faster rate after the menopause. This is because levels of oestrogen (the female sex hormone that helps keep bones strong) decrease.

Women tend to live longer, on average, so are more likely to live with the lower bone strength that comes with age. Women also tend to have smaller bones than men. Having bigger bones is found to reduce the risk of broken bones.

Choosing exercise and movements that work for you.

If you're living with Osteoporosis being active and doing exercise you enjoy is important for your bone health and general wellbeing and is very unlikely to cause a broken bone.

How can exercise and safe movement help with bone health and osteoporosis?

  • It helps to strengthen your muscles and bones, leading to fewer broken bones.

  • Keeps you steady and improves your balance so that you are less likely to slip, trip or fall.

  • It helps to reduce your risk and symptoms of other medical conditions.

  • Cares for your back. Specific exercises can strengthen your back muscles, improve posture and reduce any pain after spinal fractures.

  • It helps you to continue to do everyday activities and live independently when you are older.

  • It improves your brain function, makes you happier and builds your confidence.

It's important you stay active so you can carry on enjoying life and do everyday activities. Image of running lady borrowed from The Royal Osteoporosis Society.

How To Get Started.

The Royal Osteoporosis Society has created a useful 'About Exercise Fact Sheet' which gives good advice about which type of exercises could help you. You can download it here:

Alternative you can contact Sarah Clough at Space Fitness & Wellbeing to discuss how she can help you put together an exercise regime that will benefit you.

Call Sarah on tel. 07971 988401

You may prefer Private Sessions in her studio, in the beginning, to discuss suitable exercises for you and to get used to the exercises.

Alternatively, you can join in the live, online classes via Zoom, they are interactive and cater for all abilities.

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1 Comment

Geraldine Collie
Geraldine Collie
Oct 20, 2020

What an excellent article. I never thought about osteoporosis until I broke both my wrists 10 years ago and as a result found I out I had it. These days I can’t overstate how important it is to maintain a well balanced diet, stay active and do the right exercise to strengthen muscles and bones. Thank goodness for Sarah!!

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